Friday, April 27, 2012

Children Around the World - a Picture Gallery

Here are some photos I have taken of children during my travels around the world - and one at home.

Young boy in the doorway of his home
Agra, India

Little girl
Agra, India

American girl

Little boy, Belize

Girl from dancing troupe, Belize

Island boy with a dog, Belize

Boy with a bicycle, Angkor, Cambodia

Boy with puppy, Cuzco, Peru

English boy

Two Maasai girls, Serengeti, Tanzania

Native Australian girl delighted by walkie-talkie

The chief's son, Ambua, Papua New Guinea

Young man from Papua New Guinea

Youngsters with piglet, Tari, Papua New Guinea

Little girls in the marketplace, Dakar, Senegal


  1. Love these...and I think I recognize that American girl :)

  2. Glad you like them! Yes, you've met the American girl. :)